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Unblocked updates: faster responses, better answers about your projects and issues, role-based permissions, and more
A number of new features are now available in Unblocked, helping you and your team get more of the answers you need about your codebase faster.
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Unblocked IDE plugins now in the marketplace
Download the Unblocked plugin for Visual Studio Code and JetBrains IDE’s such as IntelliJ, WebStorm, PyCharm and more.
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Unblocked updates: Support for Google Drive, better answers for PRs and more
The latest updates to Unblocked include features like Google Drive support, enhanced Pull Request question handling, team member usage overview, support for Open Source projects, and persistent suggested follow-ups. Users can now benefit from improved interaction and tailored responses, aiming to provide better answers and a more seamless experience within Unblocked.
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Unblocked updates: IDE improvements and support for all sized teams
Today we’re rolling out several new features to Unblocked that we think you’ll enjoy. Unblocked is able to generate helpful answers because it is not limited to the source code you’re browsing - it’s aware of your entire codebase and all the documents from the integrations you’ve connected. Today we’re improving how you ask questions, discover relevant documents / threads / bugs.... and making this available to everyone.
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How we built it: Saving time and money with self-hosted runners on EC2 on-demand / spot instances
In Unblocked's early days, our dependence on GitHub's hosted runners became a bottleneck for both cost and performance. In response, we created a custom GitHub Action that automatically deploys self-hosted ephemeral runners to EC2 using Spot or On-Demand instances. In this article, we share why and how we've done this — and why it might help you too.
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“Get Unblocked”
Today we're publicly launching Unblocked, a new developer tool that increases your productivity by providing helpful and accurate answers to questions about your codebase. We're also announcing our funding: a $8.3M seed round led by Amplify Partners with First Round Capital and XYZ Capital participating alongside angel investors including Stewart Butterfield, John Lilly, and Mike Vernal. But first, let's start with some context. Despite decades of developer tools, development teams are still very inefficient. In 2016, we started buddybuild — a cloud-hosted, continuous integration platform for mobile apps, which was loved and used by tens of thousands of developers. Three years later, buddybuild was acquired by Apple and now lives on as Xcode Cloud.
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