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Unblocked helps developers find the answers they need to get their jobs done.

Put all your existing knowledge to use.

Unblocked augments your source code with knowledge from systems like GitHub, Slack, Confluence, and Jira, so it can explain the nuances and specifics of your application.

Swap 30 minute meetings for 3 second answers.

Because Unblocked understands your codebase, architecture, and internal practices, you get accurate answers quickly, without having to wait on or interrupt your teammates.

git blame
but better.

Working on an unfamiliar part of the codebase? Unblocked surfaces contextually relevant documents and past discussions for any open file, so you have the same knowledge as the teammates who wrote the code.

“Unblocked has cut down distractions and increased our team's focus and velocity. My team loves that they can get answers and solutions immediately.”

David Knell, VP of Engineering at Drata

Secure by default

Questions or concerns? to review our SOC 2 and security documentation.
SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant
Unblocked maintains top-tier security standards with regular third-party penetration testing.
Team-based data access and isolation
Access to data across network layers is secured with encryption using team-specific keys.
Data encrypted in transit and at rest
Leverage SCM OAuth for auth and identity
Frequent penetration tests conducted
Built by an experienced team of experts
Your data will never be used to train shared models.
Customer data is isolated, authorized, and encrypted.

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