legacy code

Unblocked connects the dots between your code and its history, so your team can understand the impact of changes before they make them.

Old code comes with baggage.

Untangling tech debt takes time

Outdated architectural decisions, varying code quality, and deprecated libraries all require extra time to maintain and modify.

History is easily lost

Missing documentation and knowledge that leaves with departing teammates can keep your team in the dark.

Old code is brittle

Hidden dependencies make it more likely that new changes will introduce unintended regressions.
Make sense of your most obscure code

Untangle your spaghetti code

No more wondering where to start. Unblocked introspects over your team’s source code and related knowledge, so it can answer everything: from how your code works to why a past change was made.

Dig directly into references

Imagine how fast your team can go without having to search for context across multiple places. Unblocked cites the sources it uses to come up with an answer, cutting down the hours wasted looking for information.

Understand your code’s history in context

Browsing old code in an editor? Unblocked lists past Pull Requests, discussions, and documents next to specific files and lines of code, so everyone can see why something was written the way it was.

Bring in an expert when you’re stuck

Sometimes a face-to-face conversation is necessary. Unblocked highlights the teammates who recently worked on the code in question, so the right people can be quickly looped in to elaborate on a past decision.

Getting started is straightforward

Connect repos and

processes the data

Start getting

See why teams 💜 Unblocked

“Unblocked empowers every developer with the insight once reserved for the seasoned few.

This is the best application of AI’s potential in enhancing developer proficiency, making developers themselves for effective — rather than typing for them.

Matthew Spolin — SVP of Engineering at AppDirect

“Unblocked is far superior to search, going well beyond string matching to actually answer questions within the context of our entire codebase — something other code-focused AI tools cannot do.

It saves time by putting documentation at our engineers’ fingertips, and has been particularly effective at speeding up engineers who are working in unfamiliar files.

Alex Mallet — EVP Engineering at Forto

Ready for your enterprise

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SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant
Unblocked maintains top-tier security standards with regular third-party penetration testing.
Team-based data access and isolation
Access to data across network layers is secured with encryption using team-specific keys.
Data encrypted in transit and at rest
Leverage SCM OAuth for auth and identity
Frequent penetration tests conducted
Built by an experienced team of experts
Your data will never be used to train shared models.
Customer data is isolated, authorized, and encrypted.
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