The best way to talk to your codebase

Trained on the systems you use, Unblocked provides the answers you need so you can minimize disruptions and spend more time writing code.

What our users are saying

“I've seen plenty of tools come and go, but Unblocked has really impressed the team at Drata - we love it. It's like adding an extra team member who's always there to help, without the extra overhead.

Unblocked has cut down distractions and increased our team's focus and efficiency. My team loves that they can get answers and solutions immediately, which means less time spent in confusion and more time creating.

Unblocked isn't just a tool; it's a game-changer for our entire workflow.”

David KnellVP Engineering

“Unblocked empowers every developer with the insight once reserved for the seasoned few.

Bridging code, documentation, and collective wisdom, this tool reshapes the knowledge landscape, making expertise available and elevating the craft of software development.

This is the best application of AI's potential in enhancing developer proficiency, making developers themselves more effective — rather than typing for them.”

Mathew SpolinSVP Engineering

“If you can't quickly find an answer to your question, it's tempting to bother a colleague who might know.

Unblocked is the first app that can actually bring together knowledge from the tools that I use and make it available to me through natural conversation.

It's one of those ideas that seems so obvious in hindsight, and I can't imagine a future without a tool like this.”

Brent VatneEngineering Manager

“Unblocked's ability to answer questions about where or how something is done is excellent.

This reduces interruptions for others, and I'm free to ask lots of questions I would not be willing to interrupt someone else with.”

Michael HallSr Staff Software Engineer

“I'm continually impressed with the power of Unblocked.

It seamlessly integrates with our team's tools and workflows to provide accurate insights and answers to questions about our codebase.”

Kevin DeggelmanStaff Software Engineer

“I've used other AI tools that aim to help you code, including ChatGPT, but they've always come up short either in the quality of the help or the amount of work it takes to set context to get a good answer.

Unblocked is a game changer in how easy it is to use and the quality of the results shows how much context it carries automatically. Using it for the past few weeks is literally 10x'ing my productivity.”

Trevin ChowChief Product Officer

“Unblocked is awesome. It's simple, powerful, practical, and provides intuitive answers. It's the missing link from Copilot.

It only took 5 minutes for anyone on my immediate team to start using it effectively.”

Adrian BilaucaDirector of Research & Development

Secure by Default

Unblocked is designed with security in mind from day one, leveraging the team's deep technical expertise from years of building security-focused cloud-based services at Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook.

Your data will never be used to train shared models. Customer data is isolated and encrypted.

SOC2 Type 2 Compliant

Team-based data access and isolation

Data encrypted in transit and at rest

Leverage SCM OAuth for auth and identity

Frequent penetration tests conducted by 3rd parties

Integrate Your Existing Apps

Unblocked surfaces hidden knowledge in the systems you already use, like GitHub, Slack, Jira, and more.

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