Unblocked updates: faster responses, better answers about your projects and issues, role-based permissions, and more

Dennis Pilarinos·May 22, 2024

A number of new features are now available in Unblocked, helping you and your team get the answers you need about your codebase.

Faster response times to your questions

Answers to questions can never come fast enough. To that end, we recently rolled out a series of changes that have improved the time it takes to answer a question by as much as 5x.

... and you can expect this to keep getting faster!

Continued improvements to your questions

We’ve expanded the kinds of questions Unblocked can answer from your bug trackers like JIRA, Linear, and GitHub Issues. Try asking questions like:

  • Can you summarize this issue for me? https://github.com/AcmeCorp/front-end/issues/993
  • What is the status of this issue? https://linear.app/project/issue/TSK-1111/db-perf
  • Who is working on the Jira issue AB-8888?
  • Help me write an epic for this Jira ticket TEAM-255

Role-Based Access Control for Integrations

To date, any user on a team could modify the integrations configured with Unblocked, including adding and removing repos, changing connections to Confluence and Google Drive, and updating Slack channels.

Unblocked now offers role-based access control to help better manage who can modify Unblocked integrations.

When this feature is enabled, only GitHub/Bitbucket/Gitlab Administrators will be able to configure integrations for your team.

Non-admins will see a screen that lists administrators they can contact with their change requests.

This feature is currently enabled by request only. If your team is interested in turning on role-based access control, please message us.

Easily archive references

Many teams feel like their internal documentation is slightly disorganized and potentially out of date. Teams have told us that Unblocked does a great job of finding the correct information, but can occasionally miss the mark and pull in a document that isn’t relevant.

Now, users can remove references from an Unblocked answer. Once archived, Unblocked won’t use that source to answer future questions. Archived references are listed under the “Recently Archived” page on the web dashboard for easy review.

This is just the first phase of this feature. You’ll soon be able to automatically open an issue in your team’s bug tracker so you can kick off the process to update old information.

Switch context less frequently with a new macOS app (beta)

The existing Unblocked mac app launches the web dashboard when answering your questions. This felt jarring and the Unblocked dashboard could get lost in a sea of open tabs.

Today we’re launching (in beta) a new, standalone, mac app that provides a centralized place to ask questions, get responses, and review answers to your past queries.

The new desktop app is currently in beta, and we’re looking for teams to give us feedback. If you’re interested in testing it out, please .

Unblocked T-Shirts!

You made it to the bottom?! Thank you! If we haven’t done so already, we’d love to send you an Unblocked t-shirt.

with your t-shirt size and mailing address, and we’ll put a package in the mail ASAP.

If you and your team have feedback on Unblocked, including requests for additional features, please let us know.

Dennis - Founder & CEO