Unblocked updates: Support for Google Drive, better answers for PRs and more

Dennis Pilarinos·Feb 28, 2024

We’re rolling out several new features to Unblocked that we think you’ll enjoy.

Import Google Drive documents

Unblocked is able to generate helpful answers because it is not limited to the source code you’re browsing - it’s aware of your entire codebase and all the documents from the integrations you’ve connected.

After an in-depth security review with Google, we’ve launched our Google Drive integration.

Now, you can select specific Google Drive folders that Unblocked will use to answer questions.

Navigate to the dashboard to configure this integration for your team.

Improved Pull Request Questions and Answers

We’ve overhauled and improved how Unblocked answers questions related to your Pull Requests.

You can now ask questions like:

  • What has changed since last week?
  • What changes did we make to the backend-services repo yesterday?
  • What is Luca working on?
  • Who does Peter work with the most?
  • Who is the expert for the metrics component?
  • Summarize PR #4251

We’d love to hear any feedback you have as you ask PR related questions!

Team member overview

Large teams have asked for visibility into how many of their team are using Unblocked, when they’ve used it, and how many / what questions were asked.

You can find those details and more in the Usage Overview page of the dashboard.

Support for Open Source Projects

Unblocked has started to roll out support for Open Source projects - you can find and try the projects we support here.

If you’d like yours (or another) project added, please let me know!

Suggested Follow-ups Stick Around

A few users found it frustrating that the “suggested follow-ups” would disappear after they asked a follow-up question. We’ve changed the behaviour so that follow-up questions will remain with Unblocked responses.

Unblocked T-Shirts!

You made it to the bottom?! Thank you! As a small thank-you for using Unblocked, we would love to send you a t-shirt.

Please with your mailing address and we’ll have one shipped to you right away!

We hope that these features help you get better answers, faster, from Unblocked.

Please let me know if we can answer any questions for you.

Dennis - Founder & CEO